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What is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus®?

Inside your body there is an amazing protection mechanism called the immune system. It is a complex and intricate, yet completely natural, system designed to recognize and respond to potential health threats. For this reason, it is easy to understand that maintaining a healthy immune system means living a healthier life.

Transfer factors are tiny natural molecules found in the bodies of all mammals and birds that transfer critical information to our immune cells so that they can respond quickly and effectively. Transfer factors are not vitamins, minerals, or herbs that simply provide nutrients to the body. They are completely unique in that they transfer immune intelligence to the body.

How do transfer factors work?

You can think of transfer factors as small “WANTED” posters designed to educate the immune system. They tell the immune system how to not only recognize and respond to threats but to remember them so that our immune system is ready and armed and ready to fight off pathogens and other potential risks to our health. Research has suggested that parts of our immune system, such as Natural Killer Cells, are created as naïve immune cells. They are born dumb so to speak. It is the job of transfer factors to educate these cells so that they have the experience and knowledge to protect us. And since the key to remaining well in a hostile world, is and always has been, a strong, fully functioning immune system, nature has designed a way to equip our immune cells with the tools needed to help keep us well in a world full of potential threats. Transfer factors also work by regulating levels of inflammation in the body, which when left unchecked can cause enormous damage to our well-being.

What about the Proof? Are there any Scientific Studies that Transfer Factors are Effective?

Absolutely, in the 60 years since the discovery of transfer factors by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, an estimated $50 million has been spent researching transfer factors and thousands of scientific papers have been published documenting their effectiveness. 4Life Research, LLC, the pioneer of technology regarding transfer factors, has commissioned two of its own studies documenting the effectiveness of this amazing molecule.

Most products on the market today provide nutrition to the immune system. What the immune system really needs—and what 4Life Transfer Factor provides—is information. 4Life Transfer Factor gives your immune system the information it needs to recognize, respond to, and remember potential invaders. - Calvin W. McCausland, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, 4Life Research

Test results obtained from two ingredients NK cell studies conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The bind studies tested 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formulas (Transfer Factor E-XF Proprietary blend of both cow colostrums and egg yolk sources) and other immune system products.

NK Study Abstract

Natural Killer Cells are important immune cells that seek and destroy harmful cells through direct contact. When invaders enter your body, these NK cells are on the front lines of your immune defense. As you can see from the chart above, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus from 4Life Research™ was able to increase immune system response by an amazing 437%! Absolutely nothing known in nature nor in any scientific literature has been shown to increase immune system effectiveness like 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. That’s right, no nutraceutical nor pharmaceutical can do what 4Life Transfer Factor Plus can do! Even the big drug companies with their billion dollar research and development budgets have not been able to develop a single drug that can increase immune system response as much as Transfer Factor Plus.


We also wanted to see what effect Transfer Factor had on antibody production. Antibodies are molecules made by the immune system that bind to and negate the ability of pathogens/germs to infect our cells. The IgA antibody is the most abundant antibody in the human body. They are produced in the human digestive tract, mucous membranes, and respiratory tract, essentially all of the places where it is easiest for pathogens to enter our bodies and where the vast majority of the bacteria, viruses, fungal organisms, and parasites that do succeed are able to get in. So any increase in the number of IgA antibodies that we are able to produce is going to give us an increase in protection from these germs. 4Life Transfer Factor not only boosts the ability of immune cells called “B cells” to produce IgA antibodies, strengthening the body’s crucial front line defense, it does so by an incredible 73%!

The future of medicine will necessarily concentrate on our natural defenses – our immune system. And 4Life Transfer Factor is the ultimate immune system product.” – Rob Robertson, Jr., M.D., 4Life Research Gold International Diamond Distributor

Where do Transfer Factors come from?

Transfer factors come from the colostrum of cattle and chicken egg yolks. Colostrum is the first maternal milk produced by the mother for the newborn in its first days of life. Essentially it is a way for the mother to pass her immunity on to her offspring who has just entered a very hostile world. If you nursed as an infant you received the gift of transfer factors from your mother for three to five days after your birth. However, after that brief period your mother and the mother cow begin producing milk instead of colostrum. But what if there were a way to continue to receive the immune education of transfer factors throughout our adult lives? Well, there is, and 4Life Research has developed this technology through its innovative product line.

Are Transfer Factors safe?

Absolutely. Transfer factors are designed by the immune system for the immune system so they are safe and effective for people of all ages. 4Life’s extraction processes avoid or remove common allergens from egg and colostrums sources. And, any remaining lactose in colostrum-derived transfer factors is far below the amounts that typically cause reactions. (As a precaution, you should always check with your physician prior to taking dietary supplements, and those with egg yolk allergies should check with their physician before taking 4Life products with Transfer Factor E-XF™.)

What about the company behind 4Life Transfer Factor?

4Life Research is an established and proven company, with over 13 successful years in the direct sales world. When you consider that well over 90% of direct sales companies shut their doors before their 5th year, you can see what a product like 4Life Transfer Factor and proven corporate leadership mean to the success of a company. In 2003, Inc Magazine ranked 4Life as the 15th fastest growing privately owned company in America. Better yet, 4Life has grown each and every year since then and since its 1998 inception! In the recent economic downturn (2007-current) when direct selling companies, even large multinational corporations were experiencing depressed sales, leading some to bankruptcy, 4Life grew substantially every single year.
4Life is a company that provides many opportunities to families that started at the bottom yet maintained their faith and their willingness to move forward in the direction of their dreams. Thanks to God, I have achieved my dreams with professional baseball, and I want 4Life distributors to achieve their dreams with the 4Life opportunity.” - Edgar Renteria, professional baseball player and 2010 World Series MVP


4Life Research takes great pride in being the leader in immune system innovation and the developer of the scientific branch known as Transferceutical Science. The company has over 39 issued or pending patents all over the world protecting its ground-breaking product line. And speaking of the world, 4Life is established in over 40 countries worldwide.

International Presence Map

4Life Research Timeline

  • 1998, 4Life licenses the patent for the extraction of transfer factor from cow colostrum
  • 1999, 4Life develops 4Life Transfer Factor Plus.
  • 2002, 4Life gains the exclusive patent for the extraction of transfer factos from chicken egg yolk.
  • 2003, 4Life named 15th fastest growing privately held company in the U.S.
  • 2004, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences releases Methodological Letter encouraging health care professionals in Russia to use 4Life Transfer Factor. This is a world's 1st as no other company be it a drug company, a manufacturer of micronutrients, or a network marketing company marketing micronutrients, has received such an endorsement.
  • 2005, 4Life develops the technology to stabilize 4Life Transfer Factor in liquid.
  • 2006, 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee receives the I.N. Blokhina award in honor of his commitment to 4Life Transfer Factor research, patents, and production methods.
  • 2007, 4Life discovers nanofraction molecules and develops 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor® Formula.
  • 2009, Test released showing that 4Life Transfer Factor increases IgA antibody production by 73%.
  • 2010, 4Life TF Cardio awarded a 17yr. COMPOSITION patent. 
  • 2011, 4Life Transfer Factor advanced formula included in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR).

Why would I want to start my own 4Life Business?

What are your options if earning extra income is something that you want or need in your life?

Well let’s start with a full-time job. Sure, it would be great if we were all guaranteed a high paying, fulfilling job that we loved and were never worried about losing. However, this is rarely the case in this day and age and because you are reading this right now, I am going to guess that you feel the same way.

You can get a part time job. But do you want to work for or close to minimum wage? And does spending more time away from your family sound appealing? Would you be coming close to reaching your potential?

What about a franchise? Franchise fees usually range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 or more making them out of reach for most people. Then you actually have to pass the interview process, find a place for your business, file the correct governmental forms, hire (and pay) accountants and attorneys, and on and on.

Or you can do what I’ve done and establish your very own 4Life Research distributorship in the direct selling industry. You see to me it’s simple, owning your own 4Life business allows you to control the direction of your life. It allows you to live how you choose to and not according to someone else’s rules, conditions, and limitations. You choose what to do with your time, and you determine, through your own hard work, what your income will be. Not money for your boss, or the company that you work for, but money for you and your family.

What if I already have a job? How can I start a 4Life business?

Most people in the direct selling industry begin in their spare time and work their way toward making it their full-time profession. Even working as few as several hours a week, you still qualify for all of the tax advantages of owning a home based business. The ultimate goal of course, is to create for yourself the financial ability to fire your job and to have the complete freedom of a successful 4Life Research business, where you and you alone, are the boss. So many 4Life Research business owners have already and continue to do this, why not be one of them? I will help you every step of the way.

Sure, but what does it cost?

One of the most attractive things about 4Life is that you can get started for only around $150. And when you do so, you have a multi-hundred million dollar company working for you. That’s right, 4Life has their marketing, order processing, payment processing, research and development, legal, shipping, and many other departments dedicated to take caring of all of the work that would need to be done by you if you owned a traditional business. This frees you up to do the one and only thing that will grow your 4Life business: telling others about 4Life Transfer Factor! In fact, most everything can be done from your phone and computer from the comfort of your own home.

The 4Life Opportunity offers individuals the chance to break away from the conventional workplace – and the layoffs, downsizing, and cutbacks that go along with it – and instead generate income, prepare for the future, and make a difference in other people’s lives.” – 4Life Platinum International Diamonds Gabriella and Dave Daughtrey
Finally, unlike most traditional businesses, your 4Life market is not limited to you neighborhood or your city. Thanks to the Internet, it is literally the entire World and provides you with the power of residual income as you’ll see in the short video below. In short, it combines the best of all worlds: low cost, unlimited income potential, and through your efforts, long-term residual income.

When you consider that 74 percent of the millionaires in America own their own businesses, many of whom had never previously owned a company, why not follow the path that has created so much success for so many people?

What does it take to own and operate a successful 4Life Research business?

First and foremost you must dedicate yourself to being successful. What so many people don’t understand is that it is our beliefs that often get in the way of our dreams. We want to have the good things in life. We want to provide everything that our families could ever want. But inside, we have a nagging feeling that we can’t reach our ultimate goals. And so we resign ourselves to the belief that life is something that we often have to trudge through rather than enjoy and get the most out of. It’s time to stop this way of thinking. The only thing that can ever stop you is you. I know that sounds like something out of a self help book, but nothing could be more true. Decide right now whether or not you are going to be someone that is living the life you really want to be living. If you are ready, your 4Life business will take you there.

No higher education? No previous sales experience? Great, you need neither, in fact some of the most successful people in the direct selling arena came from relatively humble backgrounds. All you need is a belief in yourself and a burning desire to do something great with your life.

Watch the short video explanation below.

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